Guided Tour of the Community Hub for Growth

Familiarise yourself with the Community Hub for Growth on GLOW in this introductory webinar

Alison Wilcox (GSUSA and Growth Planning Team) and Jenny Berrisford (WAGGGS E-learning Developer) developed our first webinar to provide a guided tour of the Community Hub for Growth and GLOW. 

The Platform has several engaging and interactive features to facilitate knowledge sharing for growth:

  • Background: Learn more about how the Community Hub was inspired by the Growth Round Table and what it does.
  • Connect Here: Join or host a discussion forum on issues of growth relevant to your MO.
  • Growth Round Table Resources: View the presentations and knowledge documents from the Growth Round Table.
  • Communities of Practice: Connect to share best practices for growth. Host or participate in MO led trainings on targeted areas for growth.
  • Growth Library: View our recommended resources to inspire growth strategies.
  • Community Hub Library: Upload your own resources to share your knowledge, plans and ideas for growth.
  • Experts and Explores: Browse and add to the list of Experts and Explorers or start a discussion group, host a training, plan an event or share your tools and resources.
  • Committing to Growth: Create or review your Growth Commitment Plan and engage with your Accountability Partner to support each other to achieve your growth goals. 
  • WAGGGS Growth Team: Get dedicated advice from the WAGGGS Growth Team on how to grow your MO.
  • Contact Us: Share your questions, recommendations and feedback on the Community Hub.
  • Help: Receive technical support on how to navigate the GLOW platform. 

Download the presentation or watch the webinar Introduction to the Community Hub for Growth by Alison Wilcox or the Introduction to GLOW by Jenny Berrisford

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