Diversity: Making Girl Guiding Accessible to All

Review the webinar by Sarah Boddey (Growth Round Table speaker) and Melanie Ford (Girlguiding UK) and learn how to diversify the Movement to make Guiding and Girl Scouting accessible to all girls!

The Diversity webinar attracted participants from Member Organizations (MOs) around the world who contributed to knowledge sharing, problem-solving and the development of best practice tips on how to make Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting more diverse.

Sarah Boddey shared her simple 7-step process to help you address diversity in your MO by guiding you on how to explore:

  1. Existing diversity amongst your girls and volunteers
  2. The inherent link between girl and volunteer diversity
  3. Minority group under-representation
  4. Target group choice
  5. The power of partnerships
  6. The importance of monitoring
  7. Post ‘recruitment’ inclusivity to drive further diversity

Melanie Ford helped bring the steps to life by sharing her experiences of working with one of the UK's hardest to reach groups of girls in the British Traveller Community. Conclusions on bridging the distance between Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting with traditionally closed communities included:

  1. Small scale initiatives with short-term, clear-cut goals, particularly those focused on practical issues, tend to work best with this group.
  2. Top-down support is required within organizations in order to promote a consistent response.
  3. The impact that decades of discrimination has had on the Traveller Community’s willingness to engage should not be underestimated.
  4. The personalities of those working with the Traveller Community are often key to engagement; respect plays a large role in the success of a project.

Review the presentation Diversity Webinar: Making Guiding Accessible or watch the webinar on the WAGGGS YouTube channel.

Finally, take inspiration to think differently about diversity within the global Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement from the Diversity Growth Bulletin. 

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