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Girl-led action on climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean

“A sustainable future is dependent on what we do now to positively impact climate change. Engaging and empowering our girls and young women to be a part of this process is critical to our success.”

Mrs Debra East, Leader of 3rd San Fernando Ranger Guides, Trinidad and Tobago

Swedish Postcode Foundation

Girl-led action on climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean, in partnership with the Swedish Postcode Foundation

We are delighted to be working with the Swedish Postcode Foundation on a brand new project which will build resilience to climate change among girls and young women in Latin America and the Caribbean, and support them to lead effective mitigation and adaptation action in their communities.

For Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world, climate change and the need for environmental sustainability are a top priority. In Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), climate change presents real risks, but girls and young women are largely excluded from the discourse around climate change adaptation and mitigation. Working in partnership with nine WAGGGS Member Organisations in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, St Lucia, and Trinidad & Tobago), we will begin adapting our Girl-Led Action on Climate Change (GLACC) curriculum to the LAC region as well as supporting girl-led advocacy and capacity building.

As a result of this project, we anticipate that 12,000 girls and young women will:

  • Have increased knowledge, improved awareness and attitudes on climate change issues
  • Have improved skills and confidence to undertake direct adaptation or mitigation community actions
  • Be equipped and empowered to take action and speak out locally, nationally and globally about climate change

This project began on 1 October 2021 and will run for two years.

“Climate change is a threat to our environment. With this project, our association will help children, young people and adults, and through this achieve economic stability. The Girl Guides of Panama are always ready!” Walky, Girl Guide, Panama

Who is the Swedish Postcode Foundation?

The Swedish Postcode Lottery believes that a strong civil society is essential for creating a better world. The Postcode Foundation’s goal is to carry out that mission through projects that challenge, inspire and promote change. The Postcode Foundation aims to promote positive social development and seeks long-term solutions to local and global challenges. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the basis for the framework of their efforts and they strive to reach these goals through our supported projects.

When women and girls are excluded from decision making, the possibility to achieve a sustainable development is reduced. For this reason, investing in girls’ climate education is crucial in order for them to both partake and be in the forefront of change. We are very happy to partner with WAGGGS in their work to enable girls in Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in climate adaptation work

Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General for the Swedish Postcode Foundation
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