Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Over the years, Olave Baden-Powell Society supporters have funded a range of unique, exciting and empowering WAGGGS projects and campaigns for girls and young women.

This is the impact of your support in 2018 and 2019 so far. In 2018 you raised an incredible £653,416.


Stop the Violence (STV)

STV is currently in 70 countries with Member Organisations (MOs) engaging in the campaign through awareness-raising, participation in 16 Days of Activism, advocacy, community action and education.

Since 2017 the STV team has been delivering national advocacy training to our member organisations and young leaders to support them in the development and implementation of campaigns to tackle specific forms of violence.

This training has been delivered in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire and more recently national training was delivered in Ghana and Nigeria.

63rd Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations (CSW63)

In March 2019, 10 young women represented WAGGGS at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Each one of those young women earned their place to be on that delegation – to represent the 10 million girls in our Movement. Before they went to the conference, each girl created a plan for a project to create the impact they wanted to see in their community.


Juliette Low Seminar (JLS)

For the 2019 JLS, we are piloting a new approach. Instead of 60 participants (as in previous years), we are offering up to 1,000 spaces for WAGGGS members aged 20 – 30.

The JLS programme will run in up to 20 hub locations at the same time, giving participants at each hub location a chance to connect across borders both face to face and through technology.

Every JLS hub will be an international, cross-cultural leadership development adventure. We are taking the very best of JLS and making it bigger! Visit Juliette Low Seminar page for more information.

Helen Storrow Seminar (HSS)

At HSS every year, young women gain skills and inspiration to make their voices heard at community and national level to make the world a more sustainable place.

We further strengthened the Helen Storrow programme in 2019 and facilitated the integration of pop-ups through the event.

We reached over 400 girls across all five WAGGGS regions, including 36 participants from 28 countries at the main event in Our Chalet, which is a great success!

Helen Storrow Seminar Helen Storrow Seminar 2019 - Our Chalet, Switzerland

Young women in leadership

After the 36th World Conference held in India in November 2017, MOs voted for Motion 32 focused on developing a concrete set of actions that will significantly increase the number of young women standing for governance positions.

We have formed a Young Women Research Team (YWRT), two members from each region, to collect information as to understand the barriers and opportunities of young women in decision-making roles within the GG/GS Movement, and come up with a global/regional and national strategy to increase the number of YW in decision-making roles.


We have had great success with our New Countries campaign since 2018 thanks to the support of OB-PS. Our target is to officially welcome four new Members into WAGGGS at the World Conference in Uganda in 2020. We continue working actively towards membership in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Gabon, Comoros, Algeria, Montenegro, Afghanistan and Croatia.

In February 2018 we conducted a country visit to Montenegro to build relationships and to start preparing the country’s Action Plan in identifying the next steps and support needed from WAGGGS.

In April 2018, we also held programme training in Ethiopia, to enable leaders and champions to learn more about WAGGGS and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and again, to plan concrete next steps in their Action Plan towards becoming an official Member Organisation. The country visits and training are crucial for our new countries.

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