Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Over the years, Olave Baden-Powell Society supporters have funded a range of unique, exciting and empowering WAGGGS projects and campaigns for girls and young women.

If you would like to find out more about the projects and campaigns please refer to OB-PS previous Annual Reports or contact OB-PS at obps@wagggs.org 

Your support in 2017 and 2018 so far

Thank you to all our supporters, in 2017 you raised an incredible £537,925.


Stop the Violence

Over 2017, WAGGGS delivered 12 Stop the Violence training events: at Our Chalet, Switzerland (in February and May), Costa Rica (February and May), India, Maldives, Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Nepal and Kuwait. These events develop trainers and leaders of groups, supporting them to have the knowledge and understanding of violence against girls.

portugalstv_0816_portugal Stop the Violence training

62nd Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations (CSW62) 

In March 2018, 11 Young women represented WAGGGS at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Each one of those young women earned their place to be on that delegation – to represent the 10 million girls in our Movement.  Before they went to the conference, each girl created a plan for a project to create the impact they wanted to see in their community.  


At the Helen Storrow Seminar every year, young women gain skills and inspiration to make their voices heard at community and national level to make the world a more sustainable place. In 2017, WAGGGS trialled a pop-up model, with satellite events around the world to see how simultaneous events with the same purpose could work. 

In 2018, 41 participants from 30 countries attended the seminar at Our Chalet, Switzerland. In addition, following a successful trial, the pop-up model enabled 19 seminars across the world, including involving three World Centres. In total, the seminar reached over 500 young women, a great achievement! 


At the 36th World Conference in India, we welcomed four new countries into the Movement: Syria, Aruba, Palestine and Azerbaijan. In each case this was the result of years of support and building relationships. 

The Membership team work with our 150 Member Organisations (MOs), each with different needs. Delegations from the MOs gathered at the World Conference in India. Your support allowed delegates to take part who might not otherwise have been able to attend. In total, 73 MOs received grants helping them to be in India. Ensuring our MOs are present at the World Conference is vital, as it is our largest governance event. MOs vote on a range of motions, including in 2017 to enabling more young women to take up leadership positions within Guiding and Girl Scouting. 

The Membership staff team and a group of volunteers also carried out a number of multi-day assessment visits to determine the needs of member Organisations. They worked with senior stakeholders of each organisation to understand and fulfil their development needs and address key areas. Among others, our team visited Algeria, Kuwait and Nicaragua.  

WocO World Conference, India

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