Exploring Your Leadership

Leadership is a core part of the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement, and we see developing leaders is key to the future.

Exploring Your Leadership enables leaders to explore leadership practice with individuals, teams and organisations.

The key purpose of this resource is to provide a clear and progressive exploration into leadership of; the individuals, the team and the organisations. In working with the materials you will be encouraged and challenged to:

  • Discuss how leadership development relates to you as an individual, as a member of a team and as a member of an organisation, and how you understand and experience leadership
  • Explore how leadership is practised in the association and which approaches and terminologies are being used
  • Explore and identify the different leadership styles and reflect on how styles are able to grow individuals and the organisation
  • Understand and apply the information to help you effectively contribute your leadership skills to the growth of the organisation.

This leadership resource has been developed to support Member Organisations in the development of their leaders, and the growth and development of their organisations. It is intended to be a practical tool which offers an insight into leadership theory, points for discussion, activities for implementation and personal reflection on the topic of Leadership. The resource draws on the methodology, principles and learning approach successfully used in the WLDP and will support you and your organisation, step-by-step, on your leadership development journey.

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