Screen Girls Project

What is the Screen Girls Project?

Screen Girls is a technology-based education project which took place between October 2016 and January 2018. The project gave economically disadvantaged young women access to technology related training to increase their employment and earn prospects.

This WAGGGS project was delivered by Sangam World Centre and made possible by a grant from NVIDIA, a technology company based in Santa Clara, USA. NVIDIA has offices in India, including Pune. It strategically supports projects focusing on education and girl’s empowerment.

  • Screen Girls Project
  • Screen Girls Project
  • Screen Girls Project
What was done? 

Through the project 381 young women were sponsored to enroll in an existing computer course. Three courses were available; a computer literacy course (the Maharasthra State Certificate in information technology course); an accountancy software course (Tally MKCL); a graphic design software course (Desktop Publishing with Corel Draw MKCL).

Out of those enrolled, 91% completes the courses successfully, passing the external exam. 

Work Readiness / Soft skills training

In addition to computer training, a series of soft skills workshops were given. These developed the work readiness of participants to support their abilities to find work. The curriculum was comprised of 17 topics and delivered over a minimum of six sessions. These included team work, time management, goal setting, communication, interview preparation, positive self-esteem and women at work. Beneficiaries also received a syllabus with workshop content in Marathi and English.

Impact on employability

About 40% of participants were surveyed three to seven months after completing the training. Since the majority of them were students, the impact of the project on their employability would be visible after graduation. Among the non-students, about a third of those surveyed had found a job. Furthermore, about a third of the beneficiaries now employed had found jobs where they used skills gained through this project.

  • Screen Girls Project
  • Screen Girls Project
  • Screen Girls Project
What our recipients say about the project?

"I liked the idea about leadership, teamwork, time management etc. These important things I can use in my day-to-day life as well. By listening to these sessions, I have developed confidence in myself. I have got an idea of how to search for a job as well, which is very important," Mitaly.

“Tally is useful to get accounting knowledge. It is useful for me as a student and in future life while doing job because when we do Tally we come to know the transaction entries. All the work-readiness workshops are useful for me in my life while working as well as doing any activity. I can take decisions. It gives me different tips which help me in my life. The idea I enjoyed the most is encouraging yourself and others: many times there are situations in which we need encouragement. Always think that I can do it," Nikita.

Success stories

Namrata completed MSCIT in January 2017. Since June 2017, she has worked for a Maharashtran newspaper doing data entry, tele-calling and system updates.

Rutika completed Tally in May 2017. Since September 2017 she has worked in a chartered accounting firm. Here she files Goods and Service Tax return forms for clients and checks they have paid their returns.

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