Pax Lodge 25th Birthday

In 2016 we will join together to celebrate Pax Lodge's 25th Birthday

25th Birthday Logo

25th Birthday Year

Events are scheduled throughout the 2016 to celebrate this special year

Email to enquire about a special event!

There will be three special events around the Birthday itself which is the 15th March.

For more information on all these events contact Pax Lodge.

Other Special 2016 Activities 

25th Anniversary Pin and Scarf012016_Pax Lodge_25th anniversary pin

From the 1st January 2016 you will be able to buy the special 25th Anniversary pin from the Pax Lodge Shop.

At our events in March celebrating our 25th Birthday, you will also be able to buy our limited edition Anniversary Scarf. 

122015_Pax Lodge_25th anniversary scarf bus

25th Anniversary Challenge 

From the 1st January 2016 you will be able to complete the Pax Lodge 25th Anniversary Challenge which will have two versions, one to complete on a visit to Pax Lodge and one to complete within your group or unit. A special challenge badge will be available for completion of the challenge whether at Pax Lodge or within your group or unit.

Meet Pax Lodge's 25th Birthday Planning Team

Marleen Logan - USA - Pax Lodge Archivist 

I first went to Pax Lodge 20 years ago. For the past 10 years I have been the historian and curator of our archives and collection so I go over at least once a year as a volunteer.  

I serve as the Vice Chair of the Friends of Pax Lodge USA committee and share my love of Pax Lodge with our friends throughout the USA and I am looking forward to reconnecting with worldwide friends during our celebration.

Julia Routledge - UK - Deputy Chair of the Friends of Pax Lodge 

Maia Faulkner - New Zealand

I was lucky to first stay at Pax Lodge in 1998 as a participant at the Juliette Low Seminar that year and from then on I dreamt of returning to Pax Lodge.  

In 2008 I was appointed the Deputy World Centre Manager: Guest Services at Pax Lodge and moved from New Zealand to live and work in a place that will always be my home. 

As World Centre Manager from 2010 to 2012 I had the honour of being involved in the 21st birthday celebrations and I am excited to be able to return home to celebrate #Pax25

Erin Siebers - USA

A lifetime member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts of the USA, I spent time at Pax Lodge first as a House Assistant then as the Resident Volunteer Coordinator in 2005 and 2007, respectively. 

I loved being in London and am very happy to return as part of the planning committee for the Pax Lodge reunion. 

I have worked on the Family Reunion, Birthday Party, and Challenge portions of the event, and look forward to visiting with everyone from around the globe!

Kayla Quinn - USA 

In 2014, I was the Events Intern at Pax Lodge where I learned my love for London & the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. 

Since then I have joined the Friends of Pax Lodge USA & have become a National Trainer for Girl Scouts of the USA for the Stop the Violence Campaign. 

I can't wait to share memories & create new ones with you at 25th! See you then! 

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