Evening Programmes at Our Chalet

Evening Programmes at Our Chalet

As part of some seasonal programmes, there is time for evening activities, from traditional Swiss activities to games and a twilight hike. Take your pick!

Some seasonal programmes allow for evening programmes for both guests and non-guests. 

Please indicate your interest prior to your arrival to Our Chalet. 

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Our Chalet Tour

First time to Our Chalet? Why not come and learn about Our Chalet through a presentation, tour of Our Chalet and a visit to our on-site shop.

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Twilight Hike

Our Chalet staff will guide you on an evening walk towards Bonder falls. The walk will take approximately one to three hours round trip and is suitable for most fitness levels. On a clear night you will have an opportunity to admire the sky and the stars with minimal light pollution. 

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Craft Night

If learning or teaching craft is your passion please join our staff on this evening. You will have the opportunity to make Swiss paper creations.

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A traditional Guide and Scout Campfire available at any season. Come and join, teach us and learn some new songs and games.  

Our Chalet Swiss Challenge 2016

Swiss Night

During this evening programme you will have the opportunity to learn more about Switzerland, its history and people. Act out the legend of William Tell, learn a Swiss folk song, play a game and taste delicious Swiss chocolate fondue.  

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Games Night

Games night are special in Our Chalet varying from longer, strategic wide games to short, energetic and creative ones. There will be outdoor and indoor games from all over the world but most of all full of fun and laughter.   

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