Our Chalet has a number of common areas available to all guests and visitors to use which can be found in each of our main buildings

Facilities and Common areas in Main Chalet

The T-Bar is located on the ground floor of Main Chalet. It has guest tea and coffee area and internet facilities. It has comfortable chairs and couches for a good place to relax after a hard day of hiking or skiing.

This space provides you with useful information about WAGGGS regions, projects and centenary actions. Located on the first floor of Main Chalet is offers a wonderful view across toward mountains and Adelboden village.

Dining Hall
Situated on the first floor of the Main Chalet is the largest common area of Our Chalet centre. Here all meals are served. It can sit up to 90 people. Overlooking the mountains and the Adelboden village it offers spectacular views. This room is one of the highlights of Our Chalet with a special warm feeling as the guests often describe it. With its size it provides an opportunity for programme activities as well.

Great Britain Room
Originally decorated by British Girl Guides, this room now holds our ‘swaps’ area, guest book and is ideally set up to allow small groups to work on crafts. Our main library is also located here, offering a wide selection of books in different languages for guests to borrow.

American Room
The American Room offers an insight into how Our Chalet appeared in 1932. Containing Falk’s bed, cushions embroidered by, amongst others, Helen Storrow, and her rocking chair this room is full of history. The room also contains Our Chalet’s gifts shelf, where presents from across the five regions are displayed.

Facilities and Common areas in Spycher Chalet

Helen Storrow Room

Located in Spycher Chalet, this room is available to hire for meetings, and also allows space for larger groups to spend time together. Fits 12 to 16 people comfortably around the big table.

Here also you can find a large selection of books on flora, fauna, geography, the local area etc. On display is also Helen Storrow's specially made tea set that was used for the tea party held in Baby Chalet on 31 July 1932, with among others Lord and Lady Baden-Powell and Falk as guests.

Ann Bodsen Room
This is now an office space and is home to the Operations team.

Conference Room
Situated on the lower floor of Spycher Chalet you can find the Conference room that can fit up to 30 people in various table settings. The conference room can be hired for meetings and seminars and has a projector, speakers and IT-system. It has a kitchenette for guests staying in Spycher Chalet where you can prepare coffee and tea.

All guest and visitors are welcome to use many benches located on Our Chalet grounds for an outdoor picnic or resting while enjoying the wonderful views over the surrounding mountains.

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