Thinking Day celebrations in Lesotho

12 Abril 2016
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The celebration took place on 5 March 2016 at Moshoeshoe II High School in Matsieng. The World Thinking Day in Lesotho was celebrated in two regions. The first celebration was in the Central Region where 173 Girls and 25 Leaders were present.

Lesotho Girl Guides Thinking DayThe day began with a tree planting of pine and eucalyptus tree along the school yard. The Brownies planted pine and Rangers and Guides planted eucalyptus. As this year's theme is Connect, the girls planted the trees as a symbol of connecting to the environment, in an effort to help reduce the effects of climate change. The trees will help with shade and for aesthetic purposes.

The Girls then moved to the Royal House where the Queen MasenateMohatoBerengSeeiso, our patron and the King Letsie III reside.

On arrival the Guides were shown the homestead of the royal family, where guests are entertained and where the royal court is located. The group then proceeded to go to the Royal Museum and Archives where they were told about the history of Lesotho, the hierarchy of the past kings and the different traditional attire together with utensils. In this regard, the Girls were connecting to their culture in order for them to have a Lesotho Girl Guides Thinking Daysense of patriotism. This will in turn make them love their country and aspire to make it better and developed.

After lunch the celebration continued with the enrolment of Guides from 3 units there present. The Girls were enrolled by the newly qualified national trainersMajobereLekhesa and MatebelloMokhahlane with the help of Rosa Moshoeshoe. The trainers enrolled the Girls in their levels, that is, Brownies first, Guides, followed by Rangers then finally the young leaders. The Girls promised to keep the Guide laws and to do their best to uphold the Guiding principles.

There was a session on Free Being me where the Guides were given a brief summary of the initiative by MpolokengMokhoane, she stated that it’s a collaboration between World Associations of Girl Guides and Girl’s Scouts and Dove, this initiative is meant to encourage girls and women to have body confidence and high self-esteem.To help them realise their potential being and be able to overcome peer pressure and image myth.

The Candle lighting Ceremony was kick started by the international commissioner giving a brief history about the world thinking day celebration.  The Candle lighting was done by the former Chief Commissioner Ms Khoroon behalf of the current Chief Commissioner.

The last item on the agenda was the raffle draw where members had bought tickets as a form of fundraising. The first price was Vodafone Smart Kicka, the Second price was a grocery voucher and the last three were airtime vouchers.

The second celebration was held at KolonyamaLeribe in the North Region on the 13 March 2016. This one-day celebration was held for 70 guides and 6 leaders.

Mamethe as the district Guide Guider had organised the community comprising of girls and women from the village. The celebration started with the marching around Kolonyama village as part of recruitment. We were connecting with the community through marching.

Then after we had history of guiding by ‘MatebelloMokhahlane, it was elaborative to attract  more recruits not only for girls but also for young women. This celebration was also done as an initiative to encourage rural guiding.Following the history of guiding,games and songs were done to connect with each other. There was a brief summary of why we celebrate world thinking day

The Candle lighting ceremony was led by Matseliso Pebane, the Chief Commissioner.

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