Girl Guides from Arab Region boost leadership skills

01 Septiembre 2016
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A group of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from across the Arab region recently joined forces in the United Arab Emirates to further develop their leadership skills.

With the support of UPS, the aim was to build leadership capacity at an international and national level, to ensure a better guiding experience across the region.

The dynamic training focused on exploring leadership concepts and approaches; identifying personal leadership style, competences and skills; identifying ways of meeting the challenges of the 21st century, as well as promoting friendship and cultural understanding across the region.

Arab region training

Games, sketches and panel discussions were also part of the three-day workshop.

The sessions were a big hit with members from across the region.

Sana Hakeem, a Girl Guide from Lebanon, said: “The training sessions were remarkable. They were rich, engaging and very well prepared. We learnt about ourselves, as well as how to unleash our hidden potential.”

new friends

It was also a wonderful opportunity for Girl Guides from across the region to get together, meet one another and share ideas.

“Although we belong to different nationalities and come from various backgrounds, we were able to blend with each other by sharing our experiences and communicating knowledge.”

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