One year. One million actions. One world we want for girls.

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12 Diciembre 2012

The United Nations declared 11 October 2012 as the world's first International Day of the Girl.

To celebrate this day, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts invited people around the world to help create “The world we want for girls”.

People from over 50 countries drew, wrote, filmed, photographed and then shared their vision of the world we want for girls on WAGGGS’ blog site.

The World We Want for Girls

Events in over 30 countries marked the day, from roundtables on human rights in Rwanda to girls’ empowerment marches in Zimbabwe, to the launch of a new advocates programme for girls in Australia, to young women in Madagascar talking about ending violence on a global Google hangout with UN Women.

Through our global survey, we now understand that over 50 per cent of girls find that where they live it is sometimes, often or usually difficult to be a girl and nearly 45 per cent of people think it is more difficult for girls to reach their full potential than it is for boys. 

Girl Scouts of the Philippines

It was a good start. But 11 October 2012 is only the beginning. We want to inspire action from governments, institutions, corporations, NGOs and individuals for the 365 days between each Day of the Girl. 

Because it will take more than one day to create the world we want for girls.

That’s why on 11 December 2012, two months on form the inaugural IDG, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is publishing the results of its IDG survey and launching this 2012 International Day of the Girl (IDG) call to action

A vision of the perfect world

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, through its IDG blog, survey and global events, is helping to paint a picture of the world we want for girls.

Inspired by the world we want for girls blog, renowned artist Cristina Guitian has taken the images, words and ideas of girls and people around the world and shaped them into a vision of the world we want for girls.

You can use the illustrations to help inspire action and promote your actions.  Download them now

You can also use our “Call to Action” paper to start you off – it provides the results and analysis of the World Association’s IDG activities and survey, including some insights into what issues girls’ are most concerned about and the solutions they want to prioritise.

The World Association calls on the 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 145 countries, our friends, partners, governments, businesses and people everywhere, to help us create the world we want for girls.

Listen to what girls are saying is wrong now. Understand what they see as the barriers to them reaching their full potential. Then act with them and for them.

By 11 October 2013, we want one million actions to have been taken to help create the world we want for girls.

Add your actions to our activity log or send them to

We want this call to action to inspire a community to work together to create the world we want for girls. Where we all work to our strengths and overcome our challenges.  Where we identify what girls want and what works to get it for them.

One year. One million actions. One world we want for girls.

Let’s start today. Because imagining a perfect world for girls is not enough. We must now make it a reality. 

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