WAGGGS Stands with the Philippines

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7 Diciembre 2012


At COP18, WAGGGS delegates witnessed a grown man in his finest suit break down and cry about the lack of progress. Naderev Saño, the lead negotiator for the Philippines yesterday stated at the climate talks

If not us, then who? If not now, then when? If not here, then where?

Watch the moving video below

Devastating Typhoon Bopha

On Tuesday, Typhoon Bopha hit the resource-rich island of Mindandao, with heavy rains and high wind-speed. The current death toll is 418 with approximately 200,000 people left homeless.

We have been in touch with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines who told us that they are all safe and well, and thanked us for our concern.  They said the typhoon was horrible but not as bad as last year's, emphasising that this is not a one off event.  

Girl Scouts of the Philippines' National Program Committee Chairman Nina Yuson said:

One of the Girl Scout laws is to take care of living things. Our planet earth needs that care. Sadly, this has been neglected with wanton destruction of the environment, concrete jungles and wastage of natural resources, to name a few. It is our solemn duty to rehabilitate the wrongs done, which have created this Climate Change phenomenon. We encourage you to stand with us in our advocacy to ensure environmental stability and we urge you to take concrete action. We have to ‘be prepared’ at all times, knowing that Climate change brings erratic weather changes. Let us take care of one another, especially in times of disasters. Every action, big or small, on environmental rehabilitation and protection, matters.

Impacts of climate change are being faced now

The impacts of climate change are being faced throughout the world, we are seeing increasing numbers of extreme weather events and unfortunately it is the world´s poorest and most vulnerable who feel the impacts most.

We have a window of opportunity to tackle the climate crisis as world leaders gather TODAY in Doha, Qatar at COP18. Unfortunately progress is slow, inadequate and talks are due to finish today. The Philippines disaster underlines the urgency at COP18 to reach an agreement which is based on human need and not political self interest.

The WAGGGS delegates and international youth stand in solidarity with Girl Scouts and communities in the Philippines. You can do this too!

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Post photos or videos of you and your friends holding signs saying Stand with the Philippines. You could even do this outside the Filipino embassy in your country!

Get your friends and family to join in as well.  

Climate talks were due to end on Friday 8th December, but negotiations still drag on.  Make your voice heard now to stand with the Philippines.