Support Content Manager (volunteer)

An exciting opportunity to support the Europe Region's Academy 2019 event.

Event: The Academy 2019, 7-9 June 2019
Location: Slovenia
Closing date for applications: 29 March 2019

To apply for this role, please send  a short statement of interest, previous experience and why you are suitable for this position to

Further information is available here: English | French.

All the Support Team members will be identified in terms of the expertise or skills that are needed to complete each of the main tasks and achieve the goals of the event. Support Team members may be helped by other volunteers and staff in tasks related to the Academy.  The Support Team of the event will consist of members, representing different WAGGGS Europe Region Member Organisations and WOSM European Region National Scout Organisations, gender, age, origin, experience and competences. 

The team includes a Coordinator of the event, staff members, Content Managers representing WAGGGS and WOSM respectively, and other volunteers working on different aspects of the event as programme, logistics, communications etc.   The Support Team will have regular internet conference calls that will be based on the process of preparation of the Academy. In order for a more efficient preparation of the Academy the Support Team will have a preparatory meeting of 1.5 days (not including travel time).  

Role of the Support Content Manager 

The WAGGGS Support Content Manager will represent the Europe Region WAGGGS and support the Programme coordinator in the preparation, delivery and reporting phases of The Academy 2019, and not their national organisation, even though we encourage you to bring your specific knowledge and expertise gained nationally. 

Therefore the Support Team members will inform themselves and act accordingly with WAGGGS policies and strategy and respect the confidentiality where required, in their work with WAGGGS. 

General tasks of the Support Content Manager   

  • Ensure that the overall shape of the event reflects the general and wider objectives of the event and WAGGGS values, principles and strategy; 
  • Input and agree on the general schedule for the preparation of the event, implementation and follow up; 
  • Support the Content Manager in selection of session proposals based on WAGGGS European Strategic Plan and WOSM Scout Plan Support the development of the programme of the event, define and brief facilitators needed to lead sessions and support content coordination preparations for the programme; 
  • Work in close collaboration with and support the work of the Programme Coordinator ;
  • Engage in timely communication with the Programme Coordinator; 
  • Support the facilitators of the event in the development of their sessions, ensuring that they are relevant to WAGGGS priorities; 
  • Input on the development of the sessions of the event ensuring that the sessions respond to the needs of MOs and NSOs as addressed in previous events and consultations; 
  • Conduct and document efficient evaluation of the event, allowing Europe Region WAGGGS to report on objectives and progress towards outcomes; 
  • Attend and report on specific sessions, as agreed in advance with the team; 
  • Work in close collaboration with WOSM and the host team 
  • To act as Ambassadors for Europe Region WAGGGS at all times, ensuring key agreed messages are delivered.  

Expected Commitment 

The Support Team is expected to co-operate mainly through long-distance communication tools (e-mail, Skype, zoom, phone) during the following months, including follow-up stage of the event. The team will work according to a working schedule agreed upon within the team members. It is to be noted that being a part of the team requires a considerable time commitment.

What we offer 

  • A learning experience in a motivated and dynamic environment; 
  • Collaboration with other volunteers and experts in a multicultural environment; 
  • New contacts with dynamic and excited volunteers from MOs and NSOs all around Europe; 
  • A unique opportunity to learn more about WAGGGS and WOSM and the opportunities offered through an international event; 
  • A reference outlining contribution made, achievements and any skills developed through WAGGGS if needed; 
  • Travel and accommodation costs to attend both the planning team meeting and the event in Slovenia 
  •  …and yes, also a lot of fun!  

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