Peer Mentor Open Call - Europe Region

Are you interested in being a peer mentor at the online Academy 2020?

  • Are you familiar with the mentoring approach?
  • Have you facilitated team discussions?
  • Do you know the questions to trigger deeper reflection?
  • Can you facilitate a productive evaluation?
  • Are an active listener?

If you are a peer mentor professionally or voluntarily, we would love to have you at the Academy 2020!

What are the peer groups?

Peer-groups are informal reflection groups, peer lead but guided by you (peer mentor).

In the peer-groups, participants will be encouraged to reflect on their learning experience and on the impact of each of their experiences during the Academy. In addition, the peer groups create a strong international support network of peers across MOs volunteering in similar roles. It creates space to share best practices, improve skills working internationally and sustain network support after the Academy. The reflections from the peer-groups will be shared with the support team, in order to give the opportunity to change and adapt the programme and content to the needs of participants. Each peer-group will have a maximum of ten members.

We will provide you with basic guidelines and if interested with more support and we will encourage you using your own methodologies.

When should you be available?

This year, the Academy will be held virtually from 4 to 8 November 2020.

Peer-group meetings will last one hour per day and they will take place at least once a day, at a convenient, agreed time by the peer group members. To ensure you get the most development from this role and work with a variety of participants, you might be asked to be a peer mentor for more than one peer group.

Should you be an Academy participant/facilitator to be a peer group mentor?

As this year we will meet online, we have the benefit to host more experts to our event, create volunteer development opportunities and diverse participation, without the ordinary budget limitations. This also means that, should you have the capacity, you can support more than one peer group, to diversify your experience and further develop your skills.

Therefore, you do not need to be an Academy 2020 facilitator to be a peer group mentor. You also do not need to attend the sessions to be a peer-group mentor, but if you wish to, you can do so.

Keep in mind that if you are an Academy 2020 participant, you cannot be a peer group mentor as you will need to follow your own peer group. Please note, you will not have to pay any participation fee.

How can you apply for being a peer group mentor?

Fill in this form before 30 September 2020. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team

What is the general Academy framework for this year?

“Recalibrating our Compass” is our motto for this year! Active citizenship has a whole new meaning in 2020, Scouting & Guiding is more visible than ever, we utilised our strengths and turned new challenges into new opportunities. We watched our communities change and evolve in the uniqueness of 2020, pushing us all outside of our comfort zones, but highlighting our resilience and the opportunities within connectedness; so how can we share, learn and adapt within our Member Organisations, to emerge into our ‘new normal’, stronger, more inclusive and more sustainable than before.

We want to make this a dynamic event that looks outside the traditional model of the Academy and emphasizes the power of connectedness and shared learning. Participants will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, have new ideas, networks and be ready, no matter what way the compass spins again, to adapt and keep Scouting and Guiding.

We need to adapt and be prepared for the changes as we always are as Scouts & Guides. Doing this event online presents the opportunity to reach more people than previously possible, engage all MOs and help national teams experience the content together, thus enhancing the impact. As ever, responding to the needs and realities of all our members, volunteers and MOs is the core business of The Academy and even with the move online we will still provide the familiar high-quality learning event, through a variety of online learning sessions, self-lead learning and social evenings.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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