AQUA 2017 'Voyage to the stars'

AQUA is an international scout Jamboree with water activities

AQUA is an international scout Jamboree with water activities

Join us to enjoy adventures on the ground and in the water too!

This event - with the tagline "Voyage to the stars" - provides an attractive program inspired by the mythical stories of brothers Castor and Pollux.

You may sign as a group of 10 people (minimum 1 supervisor over 18 years, the age limit is 12 years).

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AQUA is the Slovak national Jamboree for water scouts with participants from many countries. But WAIT! Besides water scouts from Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal and other countries, are always very welcome ground scouts as well. And that’s true since the foundation of AQUA until today. So don’t hesitate, and even if you’re not friends with water yet, come and have fun with us - Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent inside yourself for this element, just the way it happened to all of us, staff members!

This year you’ll get to experience adventures with Castor and Pollux, two brothers who, thanks to their achievements, have earned a place in the sky in the "Gemini Constellation". You’ll find yourself submerged in legends in which they fought side-by-side with Jason and Argonauts or when they were saving their sister Helena from hands of the evil Theseus.

The whole week will be full of interesting programs and fun water activities. You’ll have an opportunity to learn how to sail or paddle a canoe. However, it’s not going to be super easy on the water and your clothes won’t stay dry for long! We also hope that you’ll enjoy your time on a river trip, and a hiking trip, which allows you to explore the nature that surrounds a nearby castle.

Download the AQUA 2017 Invitation from Scouting Slovakia
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