Young women and volunteers speak out about a range of issues at local, national and international levels

Ines CSW62

Ines, Portugal

Quiero que seamos la última generación con historias #metoo para compartir.

Rachel, new zealand, Roverway

Rachel, 16, Nueva Zelanda


Dream the Way 2018 Volunteers yellow shirt polo t-shirt group picture smiling fun nature

Dreaming the Way to Roverway 2018

More than 60 volunteers from WAGGGS Member Organisations around the world gathered in Soest, The Netherlands, to prepare for Roverway taking place in July 2018.

Georgette Eaton

"So, I’ve swapped my running shoes for some very funny trainers (cleats) that attach to my pedals"

Ecuador 1

Estamos aquí. Somos chicas rurales.

Estamos aquí. Somos chicas rurales.


Megan Hunt, New Zealand

"Running long distances has always been something I hated, I just believed it was something I couldn’t do – so wouldn’t try. But then WAGGGS was looking for runners so I signed on."


Renee Kroner, USA

"Both the triumphs and failures that I experienced at the Chalet taught me to how to be unapologetically myself in a way I didn’t know was possible. That is why I am running for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts."


Heather Ponting-Bather, UK

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon in 2018 as this year I will be celebrating two other landmarks – my 40th birthday and 10 years service as a leader with Girlguiding UK."

Praise CSW62

Praise Adeyemo, Nigeria

Quiero ver una sociedad incluyente – libre de estereotipos de raza, color, educación, clase o estatus.

Helga CSW62

Helga, 27, Tanzania

Beliefs and traditions that undermine women should be completely eliminated.

WTD 2018 Palestine case study

Veronica, 17, Palestine

"Guiding groups have a great, positive impact"

Heena, 18, India

"As a Guide I have been given values and ethics which have helped me to grow up and become more independent"

WTD 2018 Rwanda case study

Odonie, Rwanda

"Girl Guiding contributes a lot to my community. We don’t just have fun; we seek solutions to problems."

Dua, Pakistan

"Women here face many difficulties and problems, but we remain strong"


"Being a Brownie is really fun"

"Being a Brownie is really fun"


Guiding means being an active citizen

Guiding means being an active citizen


Ozeh, Nigeria

Growing up as a Girl Guide is exciting


"I feel proud to be a girl guide"

"I feel proud to be a girl guide"


"Think of others before ourselves"

"WTD is a reminder to think of others before ourselves"


Youngseo, South Korea

Girl Scouts serve my school and community


"We help our community"

"We help our community by performing many tasks"

At Brownies I learn to help my neighbour

At Brownies I learn to help my neighbours

"En Barbados, las niñas tienen las misma

"En Barbados, las niñas tienen las mismas oportunidades que los niños"

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