Day 3 - Fund development

Seminar 6During exploration of fund development, which was the theme of the day, we were asked to evaluate the strengths of our Member Organizations. We then pooled these to compile the strengths of WAGGGS. This was a very positive and inspiring session, we discovered that we share: a good reputation, many members, good skills (including strong leadership), motivation, creativity and partnership. A lot to be proud of!
In the evening we were lucky enough to have a presentation from Ministerios de los Amor, who shared with us their ideas about advocacy and affecting change in our communities. One phrase he shared with us was the saying 'those who refuse to accept change die; those who accept change live; those who make change are leaders'. Throughout the day we gained a lot of knowledge about fund development and fundraising, and were left with plenty of ideas and inspiration. 

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Nadine El Achy - 18 October 2011 - 7.50AM (GMT)

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Lebanon, I have been following up your news and it looks like you had a great week!
I am sure that by now you had a stimulating mix of theory, active learning and creative and strategic thinking and i am sure that in an outstanding place like Cabana you had an unforgettable diversity experience with the support of a devoted Cabana team and the lead of a very special team of WLDP facilitators.
When you return home to your MO, reflect on this experience and be inspired to use your learning within your association and promote the World Centres so that more young women can visit them or attend a seminar.
We want more girls young women to have an experience of a life time!!

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