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One of the things that the World Thinking Day Fund supports is developing Guiding and Girl Scouting in new countries and communities. Check out some of the projects happening right now to Grow our Movement and bring it to more girls and young women!


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Answers from an Albanian leader

Region: Europe

Girl members: We currently have around 200 girls in 18 different troops that are active throughout Albania

Badges: We currently do not have a badge system in place. We hope to create one for the future.

Song: We currently do not have a song, but think our creative girls will be able to compose one soon!

What does the uniform look like?

We held a competition for our girls to design the national scarf for Albania. We now have a design- a dark green scarf with a red trefoil with the black Albanian double-headed eagle inside. This scarf is meant for our girls to wear to international events. We also have allowed our local troops to design their own scarves as well.

What's WAGGGS doing to support the development of Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting in this country?

WAGGGS has been doing so much to support the development of Girl Scouts of Albania. They helped us hold a training to help our champions learn about the spirit of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouts as well as to train them to use the Social Entrepreneurship curriculum. With their help, we were able to begin the process of establishing troops in Albania. Along with this, they have connected us to two amazing mentors - Sandy from the US and Lillit from Armenia, who meet with us monthly on Skype as well as correspond with email weekly. They are absolutely wonderful and help answer questions we have as we go on the process of becoming an official member of WAGGGS.

Why is Guiding important for this country?

Guiding is important to Albania because it helps to create a message and cause for young girls and women to be active citizens in their communities. It also allows for an activity for young girls and women to be engaged in, instead of abiding by traditional gender roles that exist in Albanian society. It helps our girls recognise that they can be agents of change in their communities and can create an amazing future for Albania.

What will girls be doing to celebrate World Thinking Day?

To celebrate World Thinking Day, we are in the process of developing a nationwide activity for our girls to participate in. Currently, some ideas include inviting girls from other schools to attend the meetings and partake in some fun activities. Along with this, we want to do an activity where the girls wear brown or green shirts and create a human tree for a photograph.


Region: Europe

Girl members: 500

Song: There isn't a song yet, but the organisation are working on creating one!

Why is Guiding important for this country?

"There is a problem of participation of women in social life in Azerbaijan, and especially the problem is more exacerbated in villages of our Republic. By developing the Girl Guiding Movement in our country, we will be able to increase the number of girls in our country, and convey to them the main goal of WAGGGS, we will support girls and young women to develop their full potential as leaders and active citizens of the world."
Yana, Azerbaijan

What will girls be doing to celebrate World Thinking Day?

Girls in Azerbaijan will be celebrating World Thinking Day together on 18 February. They will be doing activities and playing games from the 'Let's Grow' badge pack, learning about Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.


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Region: Africa

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