Poll 8: Gender norms and women's economic empowerment

Poll 8: Gender norms and women's economic empowerment

How do harmful gender norms affect girls' futures economically? WAGGGS shares your views at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61)

Poll questions:

  1. Sometimes when families have to choose which child to send to school/college/university they pick their sons as they think they will be the main earner in future. Do you think this is justified?
  2. How are women who go out to work viewed in your community?
  3. In unhealthy relationships, men sometimes get angry or even violent when women earn money because they feel threatened. Have you seen this happen in your community?
  4. What do you want Girl Guides to tell world leaders to change at the UN Commission on the Status of Women this month?

CSW poll economic empowermentImage credit: U-Report, March 2017


When individuals and societies believe in harmful gender norms about a girl or woman's worth, it can be harder for those girls or women to earn money and become economically empowered. Over 3,500 U-Reporters took part in our latest poll. Over half shared that women who go out to work are viewed positively in their societies, however 40% agreed this was only the case if they still took care of children and the home. 

64% of girls who took part had seen a man become violent towards a woman when he felt threatened by her earning her own money. 75% of girls said it was not justified for parents to send boys to school instead of girls based on the belief that they would earn more money in future. 

See the U-Report website for full results. 

U-Report poll 8

How we used the data

WAGGGS led a delegation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to the 61st Commission on the Status of Women. Here they shared your views with the United Nations and other youth movements concerned with girls' and women's rights. They led workshops on the importance of using data that shows girl's opinions when making important decision that will affect girls and women's lives. 

What you can do next

Join U-Report if you haven't already to SPEAK OUT and be heard on issues you care about. You can also follow @WAGGGSdelegates  to keep up with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who are raising the voice of girls worldwide at events such as CSW61. 

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