Poll 7: How can girls thrive as leaders?

Poll 7: How can girls thrive as leaders?

WAGGGS is attending the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) and telling the UN what girls need to thrive as leaders.

Poll questions:

  1. Growing up, did being a boy or girl affect the hobbies, subjects or jobs you could do?
  2. Has this affected your confidence or stopped you following your dreams or interests?
  3. Girls and women still get held back from leadership positions around the world. What do you think would support them to thrive equally?

Poll 7: Does being a girl affect your leadership opportunitiesImage credit: U-Report, February 2017


Gender affects everything we do. As girls, we are not always supported to take up positions of leadership. In our latest U-Report poll, 61% of girls said they felt their gender affected the interests or work they could explore and two-thirds of girls reported this affected their confidence to follow their dreams in later life. 

When it comes to what young people think is needed to help girls thrive equally, both boys and girls agreed more support was needed for girls to pursue a career in any field they want (44%). Additionally, more role models and safe spaces for girls to develop skills were recommended by U-Reporters as ways to help girls succeed.  

See the U-Report website for full poll results or read our news story, published to coincide with International Women's Day. 

Poll 7: Did being a girl stop you reaching your dreams

How we used the data

WAGGGS will take a delegation of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York in March 2017. Here, we will share your views with world leaders, important decision makers and other girls' and women's rights organisations from around the world who are also working to build a better world for everyone!

What you can do next

Stay tuned to learn how we are raising your voice at the UN during CSW in March 2017. 

Follow the WAGGGS Delegates Twitter account @WAGGGSdelegates to hear what Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are doing to represent all girls at the United Nations. 

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