Poll 5: Do gender stereotypes hold you back?

Poll 5: Do gender stereotypes hold you back?

To close 2016 and look forward to 2017, we asked if gender roles and expectations still hold you back, and how men and boys can help change it!

Poll questions

  1. Do gender stereotypes or expectations about girls' or boys' behavior stop you doing things you want to do?
  2. What role should men and boys have towards making the world safer for women and girls?

Gender stereotypes pollImage credit: U-Report website, December 2016


Poll results showed that more than 1 in 2 girls who answered said gender stereotypes hold them back.

gender stereotypes poll

When asked what the role of men and boys should be towards creating a more fair and safe world for women and girls, 47% of U-Reporters said they should lead by example and speak out! 38% said men and boys should encourage male leaders to take sexism seriously and finally, 16% said they should help relieve the burden that often falls to girls and help out more around the house and with younger siblings. 

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What did Girl Guides and Girl Scouts share through U-Report on this topic?

Men and boys are as integral to the problem as the lives of women and girls are affected. Everyone has a role to play in recognising where these stereotypes are affecting the lives of anybody, regardless of gender, from the young boy helping at home as much as his sister, to the political and democratic leaders ensuring policy creates a society as equal as possible

- Girl Guide U-Reporter

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