Poll 4: Is sexual violence in schools an issue for you?

Poll 4: Is sexual violence in schools an issue for you?

For our work around 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, we asked U-Reporters about sexual harassment in schools

Poll Questions

  1. Is sexual harassment against girls a problem in your school / college / university?
  2. Who do u believe r the main perpetrators of sexual harassment in your school / college / university?
  3. Does the threat of sexual harassment distract you or make you avoid studying or taking part in school / college / university activities?
  4. Do you think your school/college/university does enough to keep you safe from sexual harassment?
  5. What are students doing on campus or in your community to challenge sexual harassment?

November pollImage credit: U-Report, November 2016


71% of U-Reporters said sexual harassment against girls was a problem in their school, almost half of whom said they believed other students were the main perpetrators! 57% said the threat of sexual harassment stops them fulfilling their potential in school, including through studying or taking part in extra curricular activities. Disappointingly, over half of all U-Reporters polled said their school did not do enough to keep girls safe from sexual harassment. 

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U-Report poll sexual harassment in schools

What Girl Guides and Girl Scouts said about action on campus to end sexual harassment

At my previous school, each student signed a pledge to report sexual assault and pledge not to commit any act of violation towards another person, most students took it seriously, our teachers were also very vocal about reporting a crime against woman or children.

- Girl Guide U-Reporter from Zambia

How we used the data

We shared your poll results with the BBC and Thomson Reuters Foundation, two global news networks to make sure your voice was heard! They published your stories and spread your message with the world on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

BBC Press Release U-Report poll Nov 2016

See the full story on BBC Education

Thomson Reuters press release U-Report poll Nov 2016See the full story on Thomson Reuters

What you can do next

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