Poll 3: Ending public harassment to make cities safer for girls

Poll 3: Ending public harassment to make cities safer for girls

WAGGGS attended UN Habitat III to share girls' experiences and solutions on public harassment

Harassment & UN HABITAT III

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts told us through U-Report that harassment was a big concern. So we told the UN!

In addition to physical & sexual violence, things like street harassment are also significant issues but are 'brushed off' by society

- Girl Guide U-Reporter from Australia


WAGGGS attended UN Habitat III in Ecuador in October 2016, where world leaders met for the first time in 20 years to focus on sustainable urbanization. 

Poll Results

Over 1,500 U-Reporters responded to our poll and showed us how public harassment affects the daily lives of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts! 

  • 60% of those who said they had experienced harassment were girls. 
  •  Girls were less likely to report harassment than boys with the most popular reason being ‘don’t think any action will be taken’ (40%). 
  • 52% of girls said they avoided public transport or places from fear of harassment.
  • U-Reporters said governments should provide stronger punishment for those who commit harassment, educate citizens on why harassment is wrong and said governments should improve ways to report harassment. 

See the full poll results on the U-Report website!

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from Ecuador took this data right to the conference itself to show city mayors and national authorities that they need to consider girls and women when they develop their plans to implement the set of recommendations for safer cities; the New Urban Agenda.

Sexual harassment isn't taken seriously within my community. I am raising awareness of the problem and encouraging those who have experienced the problem to report it!

- Girl Guide U-Reporter from United Kingdom

What can you do to support safer cities for girls

  1. Encourage every girl or young woman in your Girl Guide or Girl Scout unit to register as a U-Reporter so they can complete the poll by texting the trigger word 'Habitat' to U-Report via Facebook Messenger or Twitter.
  2. Tell us about any organisations in your community who work on ending street harassment who could use this data in their advocacy work.
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