Poll 2: Is violence against girls a problem & how are you helping reduce it?

Poll 2: Is violence against girls a problem & how are you helping reduce it?

We are working towards a world free from violence against girls. Join #TeamGirl and tell us how you are championing girls rights for International Day of the Girl on October 11.

Poll Questions

  1. Do you think violence against girls is a problem in your community?
  2. How are you helping reduce violence against girls in your community?

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Over 80% of almost 900 U-Reporters replied that violence against girls is a problem where they live, with almost no difference in age range or whether they were a boy or girl. 

Check the U-Report website now for the latest figures on this poll. 

What did Girl Guides and Girl Scouts share through U-Report on this topic?

1.We have to promote gender equality in school 2.Use Social media 3.Stop rape culture 4. Be aware of resources for girls 5. Be supportive girls and stop demeaning the feminine. 6 Bring greater attention to violence

- Girl Guide and Girl Scout U-Reporter from Bangladesh

How we used the data

We used this data in our social media awareness raising on International Day of the Girl. 

What you can do next

  1. If you haven't already done so, register as a U-Reporter by sending the word 'JOIN' to U-Report on Facebook Messenger or follow @UReportGlobal.
  2. You can still join the poll to share what you are doing to stand up to violence against girls. Just send the message 'GIRLS' to U-Report via Facebook Messenger or Tweet it to @UReportGlobal.
  3. Learn more about our programme Stop the Violence to take the conversation from a whisper to a shout and become leaders working against gendered violence in your home, school, community and country.
  4. Join our #TeamGirl campaign to learn and share with other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and build our global Movement of inspiring girls and young women!
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