Poll 16: Nutrition

Adolescent girls’ nutrition isn’t currently an area of focus in the Sustainable Development Goals. WAGGGS has launched a new programme with Nutrition International to address this gap.

Poll questions:

  1. Do you have a healthy diet?
  2. What is the biggest nutrition problem for girls where you live?
  3. What should be done to solve nutrition problem among girls?
  4. Where would you go for more information about how to eat well and stay healthy?

Poll 16


57 per cent of U-Reporters said they didn’t have a healthy diet, or didn’t know if they did. A lack of vitamins and being overweight were the main causes of nutritional problems among girls (31 per cent and 27 per cent). However, being underweight accounted for 23 per cent and stunting 19 per cent. 51 per cent of U-Reporters believed education was the best solution for this problem in their communities. 37 per cent said doctors and the internet where their sources of information for eating well and staying healthy.

Poll 16

 To see full results take a look at the U-Report website.

How we used this data

WAGGGS is using the poll as the basis for more in depth research in  countries piloting our new nutrition programme. Together we aim to make sure girls and young women’s nutritional needs are met and monitored by governments. This will help towards achieving global equality.

 What can you do?

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