Poll 15: Girls identify the spaces they feel unsafe

Poll 15: Girls identify the spaces they feel unsafe

For the largest women’s rights conference on 2018, the Commission on the Status of Women, WAGGGS ran an event with UN Women. It addressed danger and violence against girls.

Poll questions:

  1. Can girls move around freely in your community without the fear of violence/harassment?
  2. What do you need to create a safer space in your school / uni / community?
  3. WHEN do girls feel most unsafe where you live? school/uni/community?
  4. Last year 71 per cent U-Reporters said sexual harassment against girls was a problem in their school/college/uni. Where girls are most at risk where you study?

Poll 15


43 per cent said girls cannot move around freely in their community without the fear of being harassed or becoming victims of violence. Girls felt most unsafe in the dark (60 per cent) and the majority agreed streets were the most dangerous place (62 per cent), followed by public transport (15 per cent), schools (13 per cent) and home (10 per cent).

Poll 15

To see full results take a look at the U-Report website.

How we used the data

During the 62 Commission on the Status of Women in March 2018, WAGGGS shared these outcomes. We also shared girls' artwork showing where each girl felt unsafe. The input from Girl Guides and Girl Scouts helped us plan our partnership and next steps to tackle these issues.  

 What can you do?

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