Poll 13: Safe, free, quality education

Poll 13: Safe, free, quality education

WAGGGS and the Malala Fund think all girls should have 12 years of free, safe, quality education. Is this true for you?

Poll questions:

  1. If you couldn’t go to school, what would be your biggest fear?
  2. What is your biggest threat to safe study?
  3. School should be free and high quality. Is it where you live?
  4. Other than school, where else do you learn about yourself and the world?



The results showed U-Reporters’ biggest fear, if they couldn’t go to school, was not getting a job in future (71 per cent). U-Reporters also said if they couldn’t go to school they were worried they would need to care for family instead of learning (25 per cent). 30 per cent mentioned danger on route to school could compromised their education, followed by sexual harassment at school (19 per cent) and violence at home (9 per cent).


35 per cent of U-Reporters said their schools were free and high quality. However, similar numbers said schools were free for them, but low quality or school supplies were too expensive (34 per cent).

Poll 13

When it comes to non-formal education, the majority of U-Reporters found  information about the world from the internet. The younger U-Reports (up to 14 years old) said they got information equally from parents and adults as well as online. Older U-Reports said youth groups, Guiding and Scouting taught them the most.


To see full results take a look at the U-Report website.

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