Poll 12: Tackling injustice against girls

Poll 12: Tackling injustice against girls

Girl Scouts USA are working to end injustice against girls. They wanted to know what injustice looks like where different girls live and what they could do to solve it.

Poll questions:

  1. What is the main form of injustice affecting girls?
  2. What have you done to fight injustice for girls?
  3. What do girls like you need to stop injustice in your community?



Violence was reported as the main form of injustice by 49 per cent of female U-Reports. Although sexism was only identified by 29 per cent of the girls as the major cause of injustice, 38 per cent said speaking out against sexism was their reaction when fighting injustice. Joining a project just for girls was how 26 per cent combated injustice, while 21 per cent spoke out against discrimination.  15 per cent showed decision makers what they needed changed. Nearly half of girls (47 per cent) said education was the tool they believed could stop injustice in their community, followed by better laws to protect girls (24 per cent).


To see full results take a look at the U-Report website.

How we used the data

WAGGGS used this information to understand how girls face injustice in their lives and make sure our work is relevant.
We also shared this information with U-Reporters and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts via social media. Don't forget to follow WAGGGS on Facebook and Twitter.

 What can you do next?

Join U-Report if you haven't already to SPEAK OUT and be heard on issues you care about. Send the word JOIN to U-Report Global on Facebook or follow @UReportGlobal

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