Poll 1: Which gender related issues should U-Report be focusing on?

Poll 1: Which gender related issues should U-Report be focusing on?

To announce our new partnership with U-Report, WAGGGS asked U-Reporters which gender issues they wanted to talk about?

Poll Questions

  1. What gender issues do you want to talk about more?
  2. Where you live, does being a boy or girl make a difference to the opportunities you have?

Poll 1 ONE USE ONLYImage credit: U-Report website, October 2016

Go to the live poll on the U-Report website to see the latest figures and data. 


Over 700 U-Reporters replied to our first poll, with 36% of almost equal numbers of boys and girls saying self-esteem and body confidence was their top priority, closely followed by violence towards girls, with 28% of the vote split equally by boys and girls. 

An overwhelming majority of U-Reporters said they believed that being a boy or girl affected their opportunities, with 77% of boys' and 80% girls' votes.  

What Girl Guides and Girl Scouts told us through U-Report

Girls are thought to be weaker than boys, are more likely to experience sexual violence, dowry related abuse or be paid less for their work.

- Girl Guide and Girl Scout U-Reporters

How we used the data

WAGGGS used this information from U-Reporters to focus its next poll more specifically on ways Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are working to end violence against girls to celebrate their work on International Day of the Girl, on October 11. 

We also shared this information with U-Reporters and Girl Guides and Girl Scouts via social media, so don't forget to follow WAGGGS on Facebook and Twitter. 

What you can do next

  1. Register as a U-Reporter by sending the word 'JOIN' to U-Report on Facebook Messenger or follow @UReportGlobal.
  2. Send the message 'GIRLS' to U-Report via Facebook Messenger or Tweet it to @UReportGlobal  to join the poll on violence against girls and share what you're doing to combat it.
  3. Learn more about our programme Free Being Me to develop your skills to overcome self-esteem and body confidence challenges.
  4. Learn more about our programme Stop the Violence to go from a whisper to a shout and become leaders working against gendered violence in your home, school, community and country.

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