Helen Storrow seminar poll on climate justice

Helen Storrow seminar poll on climate justice

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts tell WAGGGS about their priorities for a cleaner, greener planet at our largest leadership seminar

WAGGGS designed a special poll to help Programme Leaders evaluate their work at the recent Helen Storrow Seminar on leadership. 

Poll questions

  1. What is the biggest environmental concern you want to see changed in your lifetime?
  2. Do you think there have been any changes in your community due to climate change in recent years?
  3. How do you think Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting gives you the tools to take action and protect our planet?
  4. Did you take part in a Helen Storrow pop-up seminar this year?
  5. If YES, how would you describe your experience?
  6. What can you and your Girl Guide or Girl Scout unit do to help reduce the negative impact of climate change in your community?

Girls told us they had seen the effects of climate change in their communities and were most hoping to see safe water for all in their lifetimes. Girls told us Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting helped them take action to improve their world mostly through their roles as youth delegates in WAGGGS events and by learning about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They also told us that technology has an important role to play in making positive changes as it can help raise awareness about important issues like climate justice!

Helen Storrow Poll

Next steps

To learn more about the Helen Storrow seminars visit our website. 

To run your own poll on your programmes or activities contact our U-Report Manager

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