Bharat Scouts and Guides Poll

For the 17th National Jamboree, WAGGGS designed a U-Report poll to ask Guides and Scouts in India what they wanted to do more of and what they liked best from the jamboree.

In January 2017, Bharat Scouts and Guides welcomed the new year with their 17th annual jamboree. For the jamboree, we designed a special poll to show Guides and Scouts in India how U-Report could benefit them!

We reached 1857 Guides and Scouts in 3.5 days and trained two national facilitators to help deliver U-Report workshops. 

Indian Jamboree U-Report training

Image credit - WAGGGS

Poll questions 

We asked Guides and Scouts at the 17th National Jamboree in India what they want to do more of and what they liked best from the jamboree.


The WAGGGS Village workshops were the favourite activity at the Jamboree (38%), followed by socializing and making new friends (32%). 

The main issue Guides and Scouts want to work on more in 2017 is learning about their human rights (41%), learning about periods (38%) ending violence towards girls (26%).

100% of workshop participants said they learned valuable skills on how to end gender violence, stay safe online and how to challenge the 'Image Myth' through WAGGGS' Global Programmes. 

Next steps

  1. With the poll data Bharat Scouts and Guides can inform their work for 2017 towards incorporating human rights into Guiding and Scouting and promoting WAGGGS programmes, including the new national project on menstrual health. 
  2. Guides and Scouts from India still need to register as U-Reporters officially, following the instructions below.

Indian jamboree U-Report poster
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