Surf Smart in Argentina aims to reach 3000 members by March 2016

Surf Smart in Argentina aims to reach 3000 members by March 2016

During the Associación Guías Argentinas (AGA)’ National Programme Meeting in June 130 national leaders attended a session meeting to begin the implementation of Surf Smart in their associations, with a target of reaching 3,000 members by 2016.

Keynote speakers included an expert in social media, Sol Romeo; the leader in charge of the Surf Smart programme in Argentina, Jimena Paternoster; and Dulce Nájera, the Coordinator of the Surf Smart programme in Latin America.

Surf Smart in Argentina LaunchIn the second session of the meeting, the team organized a challenge game with six self-help stations where the leaders could work together in small groups to cover each topic from the curriculum to earn the Surf Smart badge.

Sol discussed the common risks and mistakes that both young people and adults make online, how to avoid these errors and help keep children and young people secure while they are surfing the Internet. Jimena then highlighted how the Association will work with leaders as well as girls to provide quality education about staying safe online.  The benefits the Surf Smart programme will bring to the members of the AGA in their lives were discussed by Dulce. 

Surf Smart Launch event

The leaders attending the meeting were impressed by how easy it is to implement the programme and were extremely positive and open to the commitment of AGA and WAGGGS.

To finalise the day’s activities, all the leaders made their own ‘Internet Safety Promise’. 

What some of the participants told us after complete their activities:

'The programme was both engaging and easy to follow, I’m pretty sure that it will help the guides from my MO to keep them safe and so aware of the risk that exist, I’m plenty sure that if we take it further we really will create a generation of girls with new digital skills and awareness’

Jimena Paternoster, Guider in charge of the Surf Smart programme in the AGA

‘Now I know that I make some mistakes when I’m on the internet and my social media. Although it’s been a long time since I used them, I have realized that I used to do it wrong, which means now I’ll stop doing this and if it helped me then for sure it’ll help the little guides in my community’

Malena, Leader of Guides Mar del Plata, Argentina

‘I think the Surf Smart programme has very valuable tools which will helps us as adults to keep our children and young people safe. To stay safe in this ‘Internet world’ which makes our lives easier but at the same time has a lot of risks for them, my commitment is to bring the programme to them and to be conscious of the importance of being safe. I’m very pleased with what I learnt this weekend’

Belen, Leader of Guides Zona Olave of the AGA

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