Surf Smart is a non-formal education curriculum designed to inform young people about how to connect positively online, protect themselves from online threats and respect their rights and reputation on the internet.

The programme contains three sections, each filled with activities for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to learn about a specific aspect of online safety. Activities are categorized by age groups and designed to challenge, empower and encourage users to take responsibility and actively contribute to issues related to the online safety of themselves and others around them.

The Surf Smart programme has already proven highly popular and is an excellent resource to engage young people and encourage them to get the most from the internet, while staying safe online. The activities are designed to impart advice which will continue to guide participants in the future and ensure that they are always able to navigate and enjoy the web.

Surf Smart 2015-2016

In 2015-16, delivered the Surf Smart programme in Latin America, the Caribbean and India with the aim of reaching 60,000 girls and young women. By the end of the project over 100,000 Guides and Scouts had taken part and the programme continues to grow. 

Together, these regions represent some of the fastest growing internet populations and are witnessing a rapid rise in cyber crime.  As levels of internet usage continue to rise, it is vital that young people receive accurate information on how to protect themselves while surfing the web.

Find out about the three sections of the Surf Smart programme

2015 Surf Smart Programme Internet Safety Graphics Connect to the world

Connect positively online

How does the internet affect you, your family and your time? In this section, you will find out about the great advantages, and dangers of the internet. 

2015 Surf Smart Programme Internet Safety Graphics Protect yourself online

Protect yourself from online risks

Learn how to build better passwords, recognise and understand online dangers and how to take precautions to protect yourself when surfing online.  

2015 Surf Smart Programme Internet Safety Graphics Computer

Respect your rights and reputation online

From cyber bullying to your digital reputation, critically engage with how the internet can affect your life and why you should consider carefully before posting online. 

2015 India Surf Smart Programme Internet Safety Group Session Training Activitysitting in circle

Find out more

Do you want to join the programme and help young people stay safe online? Find out more about how you can roll out the curriculum. 

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