Stop the Violence National Training Event - India

Stop the Violence National Training Event - India

From 5 – 10 May 2015 the Bharat Scouts and Guides (BS&G) held their first National Stop the Violence Event, aimed at State Level Trainers as part of their second phase of rolling out the Voices against Violence curriculum.

The event follows the WAGGGS ACTIVATE event held in Pune in December 2014 and was attended by 59 participants from 20 states across India.

The aim of the event was to encourage participants to understand what violence is, its root causes, their human rights and develop the skills and confidence to claim those rights for themselves and others.

Planning of State Training Events

The BS&G State Level Trainers spent time at the end of the event planning trainings back in their own states. This is a vital part of the National Training Event as it is w052015_India_Healthy relationships discussionhere the cascading effect comes into action, and lays the groundwork for the curriculum to reach the young people who need it most. The Planning Team reviewed the plans, provided suggestions and then began the process of supporting the trainers to organise these events, where they will carry on the baton and share their knowledge and the curriculum with their local groups.

Peace March

The culmination of the event was a Peace March at the India Gate in New Delhi, involving all participants. This was followed by a trip to a local police station where senior police officers held a session on how they deal with gender-based violence and how the law applies in such cases, an insightful experience for everyone.

WAGGGS would like to congratulate the Planning Team and Bharat Scouts and Guides for holding such a successful and well-organised event and for sharing their experiences with us. These events are vital for expanding and continuing the ‘Stop the Violence – Speak out for Girl’s Rights’ campaign and ensuring that all young people, both girls and boys, are able to experience the transformative power of the Voices against Violence curriculum. 

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