“Stop Girls and Women Abuse” - Stop the Violence in Lesotho

“Stop Girls and Women Abuse” - Stop the Violence in Lesotho

Launched on 28th February 2012 for implementation by Girl Guide Units throughout the country, Girl Guides in Lesotho have been actively raising awareness against acts of violence imposed on girls and women through their own Stop the Violence campaign.

The "Stop Girls and Women Abuse" project was initiated because of findings from reports which showed that people in Lesotho still don't have the adequate information needed on issues of abuse and violence to be able to combat it. According to the 2011 statistics on abuse committed against girls and women, only 463 cases had been reported. 

Lesotho Girl Guides involved various groups of people in the campaign, including villagers, and students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. The most recent activism was carried out on 21st August 2013 for teacher trainees of the Lesotho College of Education by Brownies and Girl Guides of Hoohlo Unit in the Maseru district. These Girl Guides were passing on their advocacy messages through drama, poetry, songs and posters, in true non-formal education style! A total of 548 people, consisting of students and lecturers took part in the campaign. 

The main purpose of the advocacy campaign was to sensitize the community on different forms of violence and abuse experienced by girls and women in Lesotho. The project also aimed to enforce laws that protect girls and women from violence and abuse and make them aware of their rights so that they report violence and educate more girls and women in the future. The high self-esteem and competence of the Girl Guides in their activism contributed greatly to the increase in membership by 38 new adult leaders joining the Association following the campaign.


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