Girl Guides and Girl Scouts travel to Zambia to raise their #voicesagainstviolence!

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts travel to Zambia to raise their #voicesagainstviolence!

From 17th – 22nd April 2015 44 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from eight different countries throughout Africa and Europe arrived in Zambia for the second of four regionally-focused “training of trainer” ACTIVATE events supported by Zonta International.

The participants worked, learned, cried and laughed together as they explored what violence against girls and young women looks like, why it happens and what they can do to stop it. 

The countries represented were Denmark, Italy, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Portugal, South Africa and Zambia and the Lead Facilitators who made up the planning team for the event were from Canada, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sweden.

042015_Denmark_Annemarie with Voices against Violence curriculum

“In Denmark violence against women is an invisible issue, and there is not enough conversation about it, but starting the conversation is key to changing mindsets. Voices against Violence sows the seeds of change, challenging the myths and beliefs about gender roles and expectations.”

Annemarie Eg Nissen, Denmark

This event is part of WAGGGS and UN Women’s second phase of rolling out the jointly owned and produced ‘Voices against Violence’ curriculum. The 44 National Trainers who attended this ACTIVATE event will return to their Member Organisations and support each other to replicate as much of the ACTIVATE event as possible at a national level. The Leaders they train will then deliver the Voices against Violence activities and sessions in their units, troops, at camps, jamborees and wherever there is an opportunity to empower young people to realise their rights and stand up against violence. 

042015_Zambia_girl guides with ACTIVATE certificates

“It was so wonderful to be part of it and I thank you wholeheartedly. May you continue so as we form even a bigger family to advocate for [the elimination of] violence against girls and women and of course with more male involvement”

Anonymous participant, from evaluation form

Very excitedly, WAGGGS is beginning to see the results of the training being cascaded down. The National Trainers from Bharat Scouts and Guides, Girl Guides Association of Malaysia and Girl Scouts of the Philippines who attended the first Zonta-funded ACTIVATE event in December 2014 have all recently delivered, or are about to deliver, their first national training, based on the ACTIVATE event sessions they experienced. They have also built up momentum in their organisations by running awareness raising activities, such as roadshows, to complement the training.

Keep your eyes peeled on this space for updates as the project progresses and read more about Bharat Scouts and Guides' first national training event!

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