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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual global campaign calling for an end to violence against women and girls.

The annual campaign begins on 25 November, which is International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It finishes on Human Rights Day, 10 December. Orange is the official colour of 16 Days. Each year WAGGGS runs its own campaign to raise awareness. Scroll down to read more.

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  • Malaysia Guides and Scouts - 16 Days
  • Rwanda 16 days
  • Malaysia Ost

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Street harassment is part of daily life for girls and women

Gender-based violence is now widely recognised as a pervasive problem and is high on the global agenda however, street harassment remains a largely neglected issue. Only a few countries having adopted legislation or policies to prevent and punish it. Without tackling these, violence against girls and women will continue.

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#OurStreetsToo #ImHereForHer

In 2019 we continue to demand that all girls and women are safe from harassment and physical violence in the streets because these are #OurStreetsToo. We call on governments and leaders around the world to pass laws criminalising street harassment and call for action to ensure the safety of girls and women in the streets.

We recognise the reality that on a daily basis girls and women are experiencing harassment and violence when they are in the streets.

This year we stand in solidarity with these girls and women. As a movement for any girl and every girl, we want to turn the spaces and places where we meet into safe spaces for girls and women to let them know #ImHereForHer.

  • Cote D Ivoire OST
  • Nepal 16 Days
  • Maldives - 16 Days

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Campaign materials

You can download the 16 Days Activity Pack and much more from our Resources section.

  • Download the Placard and share with us how you will stand in solidarity with girls and women experiencing street harassment
  • Download the Petition Template
  • SIGN OUR Change.org PETITION here and share it amongst your networks

In 2017 girls around the world told us where they are unsafe, this year we want to take action and do something about it. Download the Girls are Unsafe leaflet and poster in English, French, Spanish, Arabic

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Previous WAGGGS Campaigns

  • 2018: #OurStreetsToo we called on governments around the world to stop street harassment
  • 2017: #GirlsAreUnsafe identified where girls felt the most unsafe by asking them to draw these places.
  • 2016: #16 Ways in #16Days shared stories and small personal steps everyone can take.
  • 2015: For Girls are valuable we asked girls to make noise about how girls aren’t valued.
  • 2014: For 16 Days. 16 Voices. we delivered a Stop the Violence Facilitators Training.
  • 2013: Bust the Myths: 16 Myths for 16 Days, showcased a harmful belief or myth on along with the reality.
  • 2012: From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Creating Safe Spaces asked groups to identify a space to make free from violence.

Previous 16 Days resources are available here.

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