16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism

In 2017, we're using 16 Days of Activism to highlight the places that girls feel unsafe.

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Join the Twitter chat - Wednesday 29 November, 3pm GMT / 10am EST 

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Stop the Violence

25 November – 10 December is 16 Days of Activism
Girls are uniquely vulnerable to acts of violence because of their age and gender, yet reliable data on the scale and nature of this is very limited. In order to advocate for protection and prevention, it is critical that we identify the places where girls are most at risk of being exposed to violence. To mark 16 Days of Activism, we’re asking girls to draw pictures of the spaces and places where they feel most unsafe in their everyday lives. We want to start collecting these drawings now, to share throughout 16 Days. Up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16.  

Download our Safe Space Sketch Session in English for you to run with girls in your country

Download our Safe Space Sketch Session in Spanish 

Download our Safe Space Sketch Session in French 

Download the Safe Space Sketch Session plan in Arabic

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Comms pack

Use this comms pack to shout out to the world that Girls are Unsafe. With campaign messages and how to get involved, make the most of 16 Days of Activism to speak out. 

Download the comms pack in English

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Download the Twitter header image

Download the Facebook header image 

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Looking for #16Ways in #16Days? 

Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. In 2016 we showed the world 16 ways we can all take action to stop the violence.

Check out the resources from 2016 

Download the 16 ways poster

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