The Helen Storrow Seminar

Since 1986, the Helen Storrow Seminar has brought together groups of young women in the Swiss Alps to develop their leadership skills, have adventures and create an environmentally sustainable project to impact their local community.

What is The Helen Storrow Seminar?

Since 1986 we have offered the Helen Storrow Seminar to young women at Our Chalet - our World Centre based in Switzerland. This annual international event is a unique opportunity for leadership development, as it addresses one of the most relevant issues in contemporary society - environmental sustainability. The seminar explores the environmental issues of today, focuses on ways to raise awareness and use practical skills to create sustainable change. Attendees leave with a change plan ready to impact their environment at a local level. 

  • 02 2018 _ Our Chalet _ Girls building igloo
  • 02 2018 _ Our Chalet _ flag log
  • 02 2018 _ Our Chalet _ Girls with global goals

The Pop-up model

35 – 40 participants join us in Switzerland for an intensive seven-day seminar of adventure and leadership practice. We then have groups from around the world interact and follow sessions virtually; through webinars, video conferencing and an online sharing platform. The groups, known as ‘pop-ups’, connect with the main seminar and each other whilst following an adapted version of the Helen Storrow Seminar programme. These pop-up seminars can be held for any age group in any language. Pop-up events took place in 19 different countries in 2018 and reached a total of 600 members!

For over 80% of pop-up participants, this was their first international experience. Almost 90% of pop-up participants felt inspired to be more active in their Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting association.

Helen Storrow Seminar 2018

Our next HSS event will be 31 January – 6 February 2019 at Our Chalet, World Centre in Switzerland.


02 2018 _ Our Chalet _ flag logJoin us at Our Chalet, World Centre in Switzerland for the 2019 Helen Storrow Seminar. 

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