"The only club or organisation for girls is Girl Guiding"

"The only club or organisation for girls is Girl Guiding"

Meet Poppy, 15, Essex in England, she is part of the Colne Valley Rangers.

My village is surrounded by woodland and farmland growing wheat and barley. The nearest town is two miles away. There is a nature reserve in the centre of the village, with large areas of grassland and fields which village events and picnics take place on.  We have a pub in the village, a shop and a playing field. It’s a very nice community to live in with lots of jobs at the lake, schools, hall, bio-mass farm and golf course.

My usual school day consists of getting up at 6.30am and catching a bus to school which starts at 8.40am. I get home about 4.20pm after busing home.

Most people in my village go to a secondary school outside of the village. There isn’t much for girls in my village to do. There is football, cricket and Scouts for the boys. The only club or organisation for girls is Girl Guiding. Some girls I know go water skiing at the lake. It’s an incredibly nice area to live in, there is virtually not crime. The only big thing is when a dog goes missing and search parties are sent to find it.

My favourite thing about my village is the community spirit. We have lots of village events such as Fete day- which is a carnival -and events such as the Easter egg hunt and horticultural show. I like the fact that I know lots of people in the village because it’s quite small and I haven’t lived anywhere else.

I found out about Girl Guiding because all my friends from school went to Rainbows. I went to a trial night and didn’t want to leave. A year after I joined Brownies the leader left, so my mum and some of her friends trained to become Leaders and run the unit. I am now a Ranger and a Young Leader at the same Brownie unit.Essex 2

Most girls leave Girlguiding when they finish Guides, in the past they had nowhere to go because the Ranger units had closed. This is why we have a Division Ranger unit. We meet in another village about 20 mins away. We have about 15 girls now and we meet every other week. We have a team of enthusiastic leaders. The group meetings are very girl led, we have even planned most of the World Thinking Day event for our entire Division. The unit has only been running for six months and we have already done so much, like gone on a penny hike to fundraise for a trip to Wales later in the year.

We have done lots of positive activities and events in our community. Every year Scouts and Guides team up for Remembrance Sunday and the Fete day parade. We have run special events for the community which help spread the word of what Girlguiding is all about. We have also helped raise money to give girls in the village the opportunity to travel and do things they wouldn’t otherwise do in the village.

Guiding gives girls and opportunities they may not have otherwise have. To form friendships, to travel to new places and see new things. Guides can help you voice your opinion and be part of an organisation which can help change your life. It an amazing opportunity and girls should take it with both hands for a brilliant and exciting adventure.

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