"Here boys and girls are treated the same"

"Here boys and girls are treated the same"

Annamarie, 8, is from Calgary in Canada, from a place known as the "Good Luck Town"

I live in Langdon Alberta; it’s a hamlet east of Calgary. It’s called the “Good Luck Town” and has a very old history as it became a village in 1907. Langdon has two schools Langdon School and Sarah Thompson School.

It’s a quiet town; everyone gets along and helps each other.  The field house used to be a train station but then they thought, “we don’t need a train station anymore”, so they turned it into a community building.

During the week I go to school, I’m grade three, then attend my activities in the evening. These include Brownies, piano, gymnastics, swimming and skating. I have some family time when I get home and then off to bed.

In some countries, girls don’t get to do activities like boys do. But here boys and girls are treated the same. Everyone gets along and we have fun.

I like that everyone plays with each other in Langdon and no one fights. I like that we have a skating rink, a skate park and parks like Langdon Park which is nice to walk through. I like the teachers and helpers in my school because they are helpful and kind. The neighbors are always helping each other.

I found out about Guiding through my Auntie Ashley. She told me about when she was in Girl Guides and it made me want to do it too. My mom was a Sparks leader too.

For Brownies we meet at Sarah Thompson School on Thursdays from 6pm to 7.30pm. My Mum and two others lead the meetings. We do crafts, work on badges, work on Keys, learn about cool things, play games and sing songs.

We have planted a tree, worked on community gardens and flower plots around the town, cleaned up Langdon Park and helped sort food at a food bank.

My favourite thing about Guiding is helping lots of people, going camping and earning badges. Other girls should become Guides to become more part of the community and help people. Also so they can get badges, learn about lots of things and having a group of friends.

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