"I was brought up surrounded by the love of the Guiding movement"

"I was brought up surrounded by the love of the Guiding movement"

Meet Luluwah, 20, from Kuwaiti and studying French at Jaber University.

As a college student I do not have a lot of free time, however I have learnt how to organise my time from the Guiding movement. I divide it between my academic study and voluntary work.

My story begins on a farm in the Fintas area, originally a fishing and agricultural region where cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops were grown. 

One of my favorite things about Kuwaiti society is the positivity, openness and determination of parents, who encourage their children to break barriers and achieve success.  

I was brought up surrounded by the love of the Guiding movement. My mother was one of the Movement’s organisers from the beginning of her childhood in Kuwait. I grew up in a family which also loved volunteering; all my brothers and sisters were members of the movement.

I have been involved for the last 16 years and continue to work for the Girl Guides Association with love and tenderness. 

Female leaders have had a positive impact on me. If it wasn’t for their guidance I would not have achieve what I have today; now a representative of young women in my country.  

The Girl Guides Association is not only a guiding movement but also a way of life. It taught me from a young age how to preserve my environment buy participating in climate change campaigning.  We educated the community, cleaned the shores of our sea and spread the message of climate change to raise awareness and find solutions.

I also participated in many campaigns of peace bags. These are aid parcels, requested by struggling countries and Ramadan packages for the needy.  I have also attended the Voices against Violence course. 

My favorite thing about the Girl Guiding movement is its interest in developing and refining girl’s talents. I would have never known I had so many of talents without them, from photography to press and media.

The advantages of the guiding movement are numerous. When we are chosen to represent Kuwait's Guides abroad in Arab and Gulf camps, like Bahrain and Tunisia, this affects us positively. We have a greater responsibility as national representatives. From these experiences, we acquire new habits and ideas, but the most importantly it connects us with girls from the movement in neighboring countries.

The Girl Guides movement has become part of us by giving us positive habits and helping us grow. We share the same goal; to serve of the Kuwaiti society, which has provided us with much. I believe young people are capable of so much. It is now our turn to create positive change and achieve the goals of the Guiding Movement. 

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