Meet last year's #TeamGirl champions

Meet last year's #TeamGirl champions

In 2016 we shared five stories from five amazing girls making change happen in their communities, and bringing the world a little closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Naouel Ghali

Goal 8 squareNaouel Ghali 


In Tunisia, it’s harder to find work as a woman. However, Girl Scout leader Naouel Ghali, 30, is determined to change that mind-set through the Future Leaders of the World project. The ground-breaking project is providing entrepreneurial skills to girls across the country so they can take matters into their own hands and build their own businesses.

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Mirna Portrait

Goal 13 squareMirna Ines Fernández Pradel


For Mirna Ines Fernández Pradel, 27, the environment matters and she’s passionate about protecting it. Mirna, who lives in Bolivia, became a Girl Guide when she was just six and it’s a movement that’s inspired her to stand up for what she believes in. That’s why she’s determined to make the fight against climate change a priority.

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Olympia and her fellow Girl Guide leader preparing food

Goal 16 squareOlympia Tsamasfyra


Olympia Tsamasfyra, from Greece, is educating Girl Guides from her country on the refugee crisis, empowering them to volunteer in camps and make a difference. 

Determined not to be bystanders, Olympia Tsamasfyra and her team from the Greek Guiding Association have been on the ground, taking action for refugees over the past 18 months

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Chamathya works in the community

Goal 5 square

Chamathya Fernando

Sri Lanka

Chamathya Fernando, a 23 year-old Girl Guide has made it her mission to end violence against girls in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka’s coordinator for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ (WAGGGS) Stop the Violence campaign, Chamathya works tirelessly to create a better world where all girls are safe, valued and empowered. 

Read how Chamathya has been reaching out to educate girls and boys, and to raise awareness about violence among the general public, to change attitudes and break down stereotypes.  

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Team Girl - Lucy running group activity 

Goal 3 - Good health and Well-beingLucy Nkhoma


For adolescent girls in Malawi, life can be especially difficult and full of challenges. Lucy Nkhoma sees signs of change and signs of hope. She is positive that by empowering girls in her community, girls can live healthier, happier lives. Read how young leader Lucy is working on non-formal education projects to help girls learn about important health issues, and bringing the world a little closer to achieving Global Goal 3.

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