Stop the violence voices

To show your support for the 'Stop the violence. Speak out for girls' rights' campaign, you can add your voice by sending us a video, audio or written message and registering your action on the action counter. Email your videos or audio files to Building from a whisper to a shout, together we can 'stop the violence'. In this section, you'll find the voices we've collected so far:

“I congratulate WAGGGS for trying to unite the voice of girls and young women on such an important issue. The stronger that voice grows, the more powerful our position will be. I support WAGGGS’ Stop the Violence campaign because I know what it takes to advocate and lobby successfully – and it starts with your voice and mine. Sign up and join us today.” The Honourable Ros Kelly, AO

“I support WAGGGS’ Stop the Violence campaign because I belief no faith, culture or tradition should tolerate the violation of girls’ rights. This is your chance to join a campaign that unifies people across the world in the fight for girls’ rights – a fight that I know we can win with WAGGGS behind us. Add your voice today.” Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Azizah Iskandar of Pahang, Malaysia

“I support WAGGGS’ Stop the Violence campaign because I believe violence against girls affects us all whether directly or indirectly. It damages and weakens entire families, communities and nations – an entire generation can suffer the consequences of violence against girls. Me, you – all of us – are affected regardless of gender.” Ed Martinez, Director, Philanthropy and Corporate Relations, UPS Foundation
“The only way women will ever truly be empowered is if they are free of all forms of violence – sexual, physical, social and economical violence. I support the World Association’s Stop the Violence campaign because I know that the violence will simply not stop until we speak out… Make sure you add your voice today.” Kavita Oberoi, Chair of the Global Girls' Fund and Managing Director of Oberoi Consulting
"Violence against girls and women is often ignored and rarely punished. Everyday women and girls suffer from violence - both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, the community and the family. A life free from violence is a basic human right,we are 10 million - let’s have a voice and take action" Nadine El Achy, World Board Chairman
The Stop the Violence campaign is the perfect example of what WAGGGS does best – empowering girls and young women to speak out, take action and influence change – all whilst knowing that they are supported by a network of millions of other girls who share the same passion for change.” HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark
I’m proud to be supporting the launch of the Girl Guide’s Stop the Violence campaign. Plan believes that investing in girls’ rights is the right, fair and smart thing to do. Plan UK looks forward to working in partnership, helping ensure all girls can achieve their rights and aspirations and be all that they can be.” Marie Staunton – CEO of Plan UK
I’m Violence aginst girls and women takes place every day in our homes and schools, in our villages, towns and cities, it is wrong and it must stop.Together we can and we will bring to an end one of the most pervasive and tolerated abuses of the human rights of girls and women in the world today. As we look to the next one hundred years of international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting we know that together we can change our world.” Mary McPhail – CEO of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts





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