Taking action in Kenya

Yvonne Akoth, Kenya Girl Guides Association, represented WAGGGS at the International AIDS Conference in 2010. She explains why she is supporting the campaign.

Yvonne AkothI am happy to be part of a campaign that will positively change the lives of girls and women in relation to ending violence against them, which is a big impediment to their development.

As a WAGGGS advocacy network member, I am aware that ending violence against girls and women is achieveable, if we as members of WAGGGS work together to advocate for appropriate policies and programmes that once put in place will help us achieve our goal.

We can and must end this human rights violation. I am privileged to take part in a campaign that will put me in the lead and enable me to empower girls and young women to know their rights and create a powerful force for national, regional and global change. I want to raise awareness of the fact that violence against girls and women is not only a human rights abuse but also a public health crisis affecting the health and overall well-being of girls and women.

I have discussed the Stop the violence with members of the Executive Committee in my Association (Kenya Girl Guides Association) and we agreed that we will form partnerships to strengthen our campaign strategy. We also agreed that we will get partners and donors to sign a petition that will emphasise our commitment in making our campaign a success. We will officially launch the campaign together with partners, donors and friends of Guiding and it will be my responsibility to coordinate this process.

I believe the campaign is important because if we strongly advocate for an end to violence against girls and women, we will make remarkable progress in achieving our Millennium Development Goals.