Games Go Global

This year, as the Olympics are being hosted by the UK in London, the Games Go Global Badge will help Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world learn more about the Games and the UK’s incredible sporting and cultural heritage.

Games Go GlobalBy taking part in these activities, you will:

  • Challenge yourself to ‘do your best’ – which is something that athletes and Girl Guides/Girl Scouts have in common!
  • Learn about Great Britain; its people, culture and sporting heritage
  • Experience the excitement of Olympic sports
  • Prepare like an athlete through physical, spiritual and cultural activities
  • Understand how the Olympic Games bring countries together

The Games Go Global Badge is a sport-oriented activity pack to help Girl Guides/Girl Scouts grow, develop and learn about the Olympic Games.

Aims of Games Go Global:

  • To promote knowledge of sports.
  • To support women as peacemakers.
  • To enhance the public image of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting as an active community of motivated volunteers.
  • To fulfil WAGGGS’ Mission for the development of its members through sport.

Games Go Global medals

To earn the Games Go Global Badge, members should complete the appropriate number of activities for their age, as listed below.

This is only a guide; please adapt to fit the age divisions of your Association. You should complete activities from each of the three categories and we encourage you to choose a good balance of physical, mental and emotional activities. For example, a WAGGGS member aged seven wishing to earn the Silver badge should choose two activities from Stadium, two from Temple and two from Theatre.


Ages 5–7

Ages 8–10

Ages 11–14

Ages 15+


4 9 9 9


3 6 6 6


2 3 3 3