Events and Seminars

Commission of the Status of Women

Every year WAGGGS sends a delegation to the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). At this event Girl Guides and Girl Scouts advocate decision-makers to include the voices of girls and young women in their decisions. In 2012 eight young women and girls attended the 56th CSW and advocated decision-makers on the issues that girls and women face in rural areas. Daily updates for the 56th CSW can be found here.

Girls World Forum 2012

Girls' World Forum 2012In July 2012 600 delegates will attend the final centenary event in Chicago,USA. The event is jointly hosted by WAGGGS and the Girl Scouts of theUSA. At the event girl delegates will focus on three MDGs:

  • MDG 1 – eradicating poverty and hunger
  • MDG 3 – empowering women and achieving gender equality
  • MDG 7 – achieving environmental sustainability.

The event is being planned by a Girl Planning Team, 18 14 – 18 year olds. More information about them and the event can be found here.

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