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WTD 2011 badge (small version)

World Thinking Day 2011

WAGGGS World Thinking Day Pack in 2011 focused on Millennium Development Goal 3. Download the activity pack to run activities on developing self-esteem and confidence or to learn more about empowering girls and young women as decision makers.

Global Action Theme

GAT poverty badgeWAGGGS’ Global Action Theme (GAT) is girls worldwide say “together we can change our world,” which focuses on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The theme encourages girls, young women and members of all ages to make a personal commitment to change the world around them.

MDG 3 is promote gender equality and empower women. Check out the ‘empowering girls will change our world’ activities in the GAT badge curriculum. Find out more about the consequences of gender inequality and see what you can do can to raise awareness about the issue in your community.

Stop the Violence. Speak out for girls’ rights.

Violence email footerEducate yourself and others about each girl’s right to live a life free from violence and the fear of violence by using activities from WAGGGS' Stop the Violence campaign to speak out for the rights of girls. Download the whisper to a shout activity instructions and the 16 days campaign to make girls’ heard activities.

Stop the violence activities also feature in the Centenary Celebration 2012 Pack.

Coming soon:

The WAGGGS campaign to 'Stop the Violence. Speak out for girls' rights' focuses on every girl’s right to live a life free from violence and the fear of violence. We are working with UN Women on a non-formal education curriculum to stop the violence.

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