London 2017


OB-PS 2017 Event 
23-25 June 2017 
Gilwell Park, London, UK

We had a packed programme of activities and discussions, as well as plenty of time to share and enjoy with friends from around the world. We found out more about Gilwell Park and Girlguiding in UK.

As always the highlight of the event was the Presentation Ceremony and Gala Dinner. During the Presentation Ceremony we welcomed 15 New Supporters, including two Young Supporters. And during Gala Dinner we recognized one Global Supporter and five Princess Benedikte Award Recipients.

We are proud to announce that more than £7,000 was raised for the New Countries campaign.  WAGGGS “Vision 2020” has the ambitious target of reaching an additional two million in eight new countries with its programmes and services.  You can still support our campaign to bring Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to more girls and young women by making a donation here.

We look forward to seeing you next year in Japan!

The OB-PS Team



Help WAGGGS bring Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to two million more girls in eight new countries by 2020 - we all know that the movement benefits girls now and in their future, get to know how the Olave Baden-Powell Society is supporting girls in these eight countries: 


Keynote speaker: Dr Philip Goodwin

Chief Executive, VSO International

“In many countries there is an extensive infrastructure of schools, hospitals and social protection schemes, but it is the poorest people who are most liable to fall through the large gaps in provision. Volunteers play a significant role in helping to bridge those gap; adding in numbers and experience to workforces and helping ensure that these services work for and are relevant to the communities most in need.”

WAGGGS Speakers

Nicola Grinstead

Chair, WAGGGS World Board

Anita Tiessen

Chief Executive, WAGGGS

Nicola shared: "We started the triennium by pausing and reflecting – asking ourselves if we were clear about why we were here, what we were trying to do and how relevant we really were. We refocused that the role of WAGGGS is to support member organisations to grow and thrive and we have listened carefully to those member organisations who have told us how best we can help them through supporting capacity building, sharing expertise, implementing a stronger brand, developing our leadership offer and making international experience more accessible.”

Alphonsine Kabagabo

Head of Member Relations

Paul Bigmore

Head of Global Programmes

“Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting is helping girls and young women to build their leadership skills. Those skills and that confidence should be built through all the programmes we develop and sometimes we focus on leadership as a topic. Right now we are refreshing our leadership, working closely with academic experts in leadership and with our Member Organisations. While we prepare the new leadership offer we continue to bring together young women. As we have done in previous years we brought a group of young women from twenty countries to the Helen Storrow Seminar in Our Chalet this March to learn about and take action on leadership and the environment. This year they were joined by a further 400 young women in pop-up events in twelve other locations worldwide, including Sangam, Our Cabana, New Zealand, Greece and Argentina!”

Jean-Ann Ndow

Advocacy Manager

“Executive Director of UN Women Ms. Phumzile requested a closed-space with our girls to feed into a joint Young Women’s Caucus. The overall final Outcome Document from the Commission on the Status of Women included our recommendations to focus more on girls and reinforce the links to girls’ empowerment and education. Ms. Phumzile also requested we join her beside the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street."

Panel Speakers

Lorna Strong

Deputy General Counsel, HSBC Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF)

Amee Chande

MD UK, Alibaba

Ida Ringbom

Chairperson, Program Committee of The Guides and Scouts of Finland

Ekua Abudu

Proprietor and Administrator, The Greenwood House School

Charlotte Makanga

International Commissioner, Girlguiding UK

Annette Bindley

GOLD UK Project participant and leader

Annette shared: “Being a leader really challenged me, and it was during this year that I developed the most – I gained and developed skills left, right and centre, and I lead what I believe was as successful a project as it could have been, given the challenges faced during our year. I asked other leaders what GOLD gave them, and time and time again the same words kept appearing – confidence, empowerment, overcoming challenges, life-changing. Members said they had gained organisational and project management skills. More than one said that they gained a promotion at work because of it”

Dr Dorothea McEwan

Honorary Fellow, The Warburg Institute, University of London

Dr. Dorothea McEwan, a Guider from Vienna, Austria, living in London, talked about her research into a key aspect of Guiding, the Promise, which she conducted from 2013 to 2016.  She held interviews with former members of her group, Vienna 2, Hemma von Gurk, which had been founded in 1946, and she sent out Questionnaires. She summarized in 25 questions topics from arriving in the group, the life in the group, the importance of the Promise and how the Promise might or might not have influenced important decisions in the later lives of the members. She discussed the 50 replies in her book Unser Weg, Our Way, which was published in 2016 in Austria.  

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