Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Our impact: Projects and campaigns

Olave Baden-Powell Society supporters have over the years funded a range of unique, exciting and empowering WAGGGS projects and campaigns for girls and young women.

2015 so far

NLDP 2015 Pax Lodge

April 2015 - Train the Trainers

Thanks to the generosity of OB-PS Supporters we were able to raise £47,000 to fund a 'Train the Trainers' event at Pax Lodge, London, bringing together 39 participants from all 5 WAGGGS regions.

Your donation was an investment not only in the development of 39 individual Girl Guide and Girl Scout leaders but in the development of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting National Organisations, Boards of National Organisations and programmes that they will deliver at national and regional level. All participants expressed a sincere appreciation for the opportunity presented to them by the supporters of the Olave Baden-Powell Society.

The event programme was delivered by high level WAGGGS Facilitation trainers from New Zealand, the USA, Greece and the UK. The programme was enhanced with the participation of two external experts Denis Sartain, a coaching specialist at Henley Business School, delivered the session on “Facilitating the Development of Leaders” and Jenny Daisley OBE, from Springboard Springboard Consultancy,  an expert international training company, who delivered the session on ‘Training Methods and Approaches’. Throughout the event, participants were visited by WAGGGS’ new CEO Anita Tiessen. Anita took the opportunity to share her personal experiences from her own leadership journey over the years through Amnesty International to UNICEF and now WAGGGS. 


“This event has not only developed my skills to be a better facilitator, but it also has developed me personally. I am more confident now than I was!”

Maureen, Kenya

Past Events

2013: Stop the Violence

In May 2013, your support helped WAGGGS to equip 49 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to take action to end violence against girls. OB-PS members supported WAGGGS to hold a five-day Stop the Violence training event in Kigali, Rwanda, for 25 Member Organizations, representing all five WAGGGS regions. 

The event allowed participants to developed their leadership, advocacy and campaigning skills, take part in community visits and learn from the experiences of Girl Guides in Rwanda. Using the skills and learnings they acquired at the event, participants are now delivering on their action plans. 

2013_Rwanda_Stop the violence_awareness_workshop_roundtable

Since participating in the event, the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have spread the word in their home countries and are working to influence others and create change. Their activities range from awareness raising and education to advocacy and lobbying. For example, two participants from Japan held a seminar for over 70 people on Stop the Violence. In Madagascar 130 people took action to Stop the Violence with an audience of 300. Some of the follow-up projects included a Stop the Violence workshop in Bolivia focusing on safety of 9-12 year old girls, while in Congo the association ran activities fighting sexual harassment in universities and secondary schools. In addition, in the three months after the OB-PS-supported event in Rwanda, an astonishing 1,000 girls and young women joined Girl Guides Rwanda.

2010-2012: Global Girls Fund

The Global Girls Fund was launched by WAGGGS to mark the Movement’s centenary celebrations. For the past 100 years, Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting focused on changing the lives of girls and young women around the world by equipping them with valuable skills, knowledge and opportunities.

2009: Guiding on the ground 

OB-PS members chose to support projects in 2009 that supported Guiding on the ground in Honduras, Jordan and Portugal.

These projects were: 

• Honduras – training young women as advocates.

• Jordan – helping Girl Guides develop handicraft skills to support income generation.

• Portugal – improving the lives of young women in two local communities facing problems with unemployment, alcoholism and domestic violence.

2008: Juliette Low Seminar

2007: New training centre in Benin and new units in Zimbabwe

We supported two projects in 2006-2007. One was to build a training centre in Benin and the second, in Zimbabwe, was to provide funding for leaders to visit the provinces and start new units.  

2006: Health and Welfare of the Child and Mother

In 1999, at the request of Girlguiding UK, Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA) decided to carry out a project in Samsani Khui village addressing the specific issues of health, literacy, food and nutrition, recreation and environment in mothers and children. The project was to be called ‘Health and Welfare of the Mother and Child’.

Since then, the village of Samsani Khui has been supportive of the project, and in 2006 PGGA decided to expand the work to:

  • Provide an independent area of activity for mother and for health education
  • Create awareness in mothers for preventive measures for fatal diseases of children, food and nutrition, malaria, clean drinking water etc.
  • Create awareness of HIV/AIDS
  • Assist in the creation of income generating skills for mothers
  • Provide a recreational and non-formal education programme, including junior Guiding for girls
  • Organize work camps on environmental issues
  • Monitor the health and growth development of children
  • Celebrate national and international events

Pakistan Girl Guides Association was hoping to raise £15,000, and now with the funding from OB-PS members who responded by exceeding the target, the existing dispensary will be extended to include a second floor to be used as a fully equipped learning centre for children.

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